About Us

ENV Media was born out of a group of people who identified a need within the Canadian environmental community — a need for factual, trustworthy information; a need for community; and a need for change.

We see political powers moving backwards in environmental protection. We hear scientists’ warnings that we’re running out of time. And we feel angry, frustrated and confused.

But we also see the emerging Greta Thunbergs and Autumn Peltiers of the world. We hear more and more young people’s voices demanding action. And we are hungry for change.

You’re here because you’re hungry for change too. We’re here to help you get started.

ENV Media is your one-stop-shop for all things environmental. We’re here to be a source of Canada environmental journalism that ignites and inspires, informs and edifies, supports and empowers.

We’re here to amplify your voice — loudly and unapologetically.

We’re here to provide you with a roadmap through the chaos.

We’re here because we want you to FREAK OUT and then do something about it.

Meet The Team

Associate Publisher
Theophile Korsah Ossinga has a background in Political Studies, Comparative Analysis, International Development and Digital Innovation. With this broad foundational base, he strives to deliver impact-driven action in teams. His objective with the Alternatives Media Inc team is to facilitate effective team growth towards the entrenched mandate of environmental advocacy. With the mantra of “Believe & Achieve," his personal philosophy states that each day presents a lesson or a blessing to be leveraged for growth.

For as long as Syerra can remember she's been passionate about two things — protecting this beautiful planet we call home and storytelling. Equipped with a background in journalism, sociology and environmental visual communications, she tells stories that educate, empower and engage the next generation of environmental leaders and changemakers. The time for action is now and she can see that today's young people are more than ready for it.

Business Manager
An environmental and political activist, Milan's focus is facilitating systemic-change narratives for grassroots organizations. At AMI, Milan explores and features emerging green technology within EV, water conservation, and AI.

Video Producer
Ever since Noah was a child, he had a passion for filmmaking and the environment. He hopes to inspire positive change through visual storytelling for us and for future generations.

Video Editor
Tristan Greenhough is a young passionate videographer/video editor who is constantly looking to both improve his own skills and improve the public perception of Canadian media. Tristan aspires to inspire youth around the world to make the environmental change that we all need in order to prevent more climate emergencies.

Social Editor
Jasman Sahota is a storyteller who believes communication is lost if it can’t be translated into a cause, action or belief. With a background in Science Communication, she is passionate about finding creative and engaging ways to discuss environmental news and research.

Web Developer
Lauren K. Burford holds a Bachelor of Design from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU), where she studied Material Art and Design. She currently works with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Illustrator and Photoshop, doing web design and development. Having grown up in downtown Toronto, she has witnessed and experienced the negative effects of living in a highly industrialized environment without nature. She is now an avid outdoors enthusiast who enjoys backpacking and portaging in northern Ontario.

Brian has graduated from Conestoga College as a Computer Programmer in 2014 and now develops websites as a career. He uses WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript to develop websites.

Bennett is an environmental videographer and photographer working to bridge the disconnect between people and the environment. With a background in environmental resource management, Bennett uses his knowledge of the natural world and creating visual media to create emotional connections through his work. He is passionate about working with others towards a common goal of increasing access to knowledge, allowing people to experience and learn about new environments, and sharing stories to conserve our beautiful planet.

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