The Green Boom

These words take on a new meaning in a world where the climate is warming faster than ever before. Yet, we continue to disagree over the science ...Read More

2020 Emily

Dear 2019 Emily, Source: GovernmentCIO Magazine Don’t freak out. I’m writing to you from July 17, 2020. Some cliché internet time loop ...Read More

Too Hot To Handle

A Heatwave in Siberia? Last month I came across an article posted by The Guardian on June 17 which piqued my interest titled: “Climate crisis: ...Read More

Protest Vote

In the 2015 Canadian federal election, young voter turnout (between the ages of 18 and 24) was approximately 57%. When the remaining percentage were ...Read More


Last month, Premier Doug Ford announced his plan to reopen schools in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Options will include regular class with ...Read More


The event was being held by a non-profit called LEN, or London Environmental Network, in celebration of the London Brewing Co-op receiving organic ...Read More

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