Free Virtual Reality Tours in Downtown Kitchener!

A virtual journey to enlighten you on the environment and sustainability

Virtual Reality Exposition at the Project 220 Event

On Wednesday, February 19th, 2020, Alternatives Media and Western University’s Center for Environment and Sustainability will be hosting a FREE Virtual Reality exposition on key areas under the banner of environment and sustainability at the Project 220 event space in Carl Zehr Square, Kitchener City Hall. The event will be running from 12PM through the day until 4PM, and will be guided by faculty from Western University’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES).

Virtual Reality Tours - Downtown Kitchener

Virtual Adventure in Environment and Sustainability

There are a variety of local and national facilities that play key roles in our society’s quest for a sustainable future including waste management facilities, recycling centers and even aquaculture farms.

At this event, we will use virtual reality headsets to undertake “virtual” field trips into the field to learn more about how these facilities operate and what role they play in reaching our sustainability goals.  Come join us on this virtual adventure in environment and sustainability!

Alternatives Media Inc. (AMI), the environmental media charity and publishers of Alternatives Journal (A\J) and, has taken up residence in the City of Kitchener’s Project 220 event space in the City Hall complex for the month of February. During the month, AMI will be delivering an interactive learning exhibit titled SIGNS OF THE TIME in collaboration with the City of Kitchener. You can learn more about the SIGNS OF THE TIME exhibit here.

This virtual reality event is open to people of all ages! Feel free to drop in between 12PM and 4PM as the event will be running in 30 minute groups starting from 12PM. To secure a spot that works best for your schedule, please email with your contact information and preferred timing.

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We hope you’ll make it out to the event!

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