Meatless Day - Environment and Sustainability

Active environmentalism in the kitchen!

Going meatless one day a week has numerous benefits; affecting your health, wallet and the environment positively!

On Tuesday 11th February, join subject matter experts from Western University’s Center for Environment and Sustainability at Alternative Media’s “Signs of the Time” learning exhibit at the City of Kitchener’s Project 220 event space.

Between 3pm to 6pm, come and interact with the team from CES! Their goal is to talk to and engage people in order to break stigmas of the vegan/vegetarian diet and provide resources for recipes and other websites that can answer any questions you may have.

Discussions surrounding climate change issues and actions we can take as individuals towards ‘active environmentalism’ are crucial in today’s reality.

As part of the experience, a list of quick and tasty Meatless dishes have been curated here for your consumption! 

A copy of the presentation delivered at Project 220 – Kitchener City Hall on 11th February 2020 can be found here [Meatless Monday presentation]

Environment and Sustainability - Meatless Day


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