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Ontario Proposes Action for Cleaner Air - Canada Environmental Policy

Stricter emissions testing for heavy polluters on the road

Ministers for the Ontario government say they want cleaner air and less smog for Ontarians. 

A new emissions testing program proposal for the heavy polluters on the road — namely buses and commercial trucks — was presented Tuesday morning.

Air Cleaner
The proposed changes would target the big polluters on the road, such as commercial trucks and buses. Photo by Syerra Turry, ENV Media.

The proposals were presented by Jeff Yurek, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks; Kinga Surma, Associate Minister of Transportation; and Prabmeet Singh Sakaria, the Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction at Carmen Transportation in North York, Ont.

The Proposed Changes Would Target the Big Polluters on the Road

  • Strengthen emission testing standards for heavy diesel commercial motor vehicles
  • Clarify existing laws against tampering with vehicle emission systems
  • Make it illegal to sell devices that interfere or disable emissions control systems
  • Enable stronger on-road enforcement of emission standards 

Between 2014 and 2018, 47 per cent of heavy vehicle emissions violations were a result of tampering with the vehicle’s emission system.

“By introducing an on-road enforcement regime focused on tampering, along with the development of an integrated annual safety and environmental inspection program for heavy trucks, the province of Ontario is leading on the reduction of smog-causing pollution and reducing unnecessary red tape for all trucking companies in Ontario,” said Stephen Laskowski, president of the Ontario Trucking Association.

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