SIGNS OF THE TIME - Interactive Learning for Climate Change Issue

Delivering civic environmental education from the heart of Kitchener!

During the month of February, Alternatives Media Inc. and its brands, A\J and ENV, deliver an interactive learning exhibit in collaboration with the City of Kitchener 

and their Project 220 event space at Kitchener City Hall.

Project 220 - Signs of The Times (Alternatives Media Inc. installation at Kitchener City Hall). A public lending library and civic engagement forum.

Project 220 – Kitchener City Hall

Alternatives Media Inc., the environmental media charity and publishers of Alternatives Journal (A\J) and, has taken up residence in the City of Kitchener’s Project 220 event space in the City Hall complex for the month of February.

Hilary Abel, manager of downtown community development for the City of Kitchener, stated in launching the Project 220 initiative:

“Conversations from our community consultations in 2016 had many people asking for more pop-up happenings, for the opportunity for new ideas and offerings to come into downtown. With downtown going through a huge transformation over the next few years, and more residents and workplaces finding their home here, it’s fun to see how this space might be able to respond to the community’s needs whether it be in playful art activations or business casual clothing.” 

An Interactive Learning Related to Climate Change

Alternatives Media Inc. (AMI), which has called downtown Kitchener its home since 2012, is excited to partner with the City to deliver an interactive learning exhibit that explores the complex issues related to climate change from the lens of how best to foster positive change, starting in our own backyard. The City of Kitchener is strongly committed to building a greener and more welcoming city for all residents, and has taken to heart the challenges of pioneering new solutions. From their recent plan:

“The City of Kitchener is committed to climate action. We understand our role as a global citizen and the need to be prepared for the effects of climate change. By reducing our GHG (greenhouse gas) impacts through conservation, efficiencies and innovation, climate action provides an opportunity for the City of Kitchener to work together to further our strategic priorities.”

The SIGNS OF THE TIME exhibit will unfurl throughout the month of February 2020 and include a reading library, art displays, workshops, live-and-learn pop-up talks, and much more. You can peruse almost 50 years of back issues, reading how A\J was covering today’s hottest topics almost half a century ago. You can watch the video series and documentaries produced by ENV Media, including The Recap and A Return to Louisiana. You can enjoy the art of Jade Jones, Jelena Polimac and Samantha Viveiros, all contributors to AMI’s work. And you can find out ways to put your passion for the environment to a good cause by connecting with local green groups who’ll be hosting impromptu sessions throughout the month.

Alternatives Media Project 220 - Kitchener City Hall

This isn’t the first time that AMI and its brands have worked to take the lessons off the page and bring them to life in downtown Kitchener. In 2013 to celebrate the launch of A\J’s NIGHT issue, we created the celebrated NIGHT\SHIFT arts-and-culture event, which spun off into an event of its own after two years under our guidance and direction. And in 2018, we teamed with the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation to host OUR GREENBELT, a party to celebrate green spaces, clean rivers and priceless natural areas that make up the Ontario Greenbelt.

We encourage you to stop by SIGNS OF THE TIME exhibit at Project 220 event space in Kitchener’s City Hall. In the work to find and foster positive solutions to today’s pressing environmental problems, we’re all in this together – and we look forward to seeing you soon.   /

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