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The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 19

This is the Week This Friday! 6 quick-and-smart briefs about happenings in the environmental space!

Mark your calendars

Source: Stop the Money Pipeline

Today, a coalition of over 130 different organizations across North America, known as Stop the Money Pipeline, are going to come together to protest various financial institutions backing the Trans Mountain, Line 3, and Keystone Pipelines.

For years, financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual and Blackrock have been financially supporting the development of oil sands pipelines which have proven time and time again to be disastrous for the environment and safety of the indigenous communities in which they pas through. The people have had enough.

“Financial institutions are beginning to acknowledge their role in driving the climate crisis, but have so far failed to take the necessary steps to address the problem, namely stopping the finance of fossil fuels and deforestation and starting to respect human rights and Indigenous sovereignty,” Stop the Money Pipeline reps said. JP Morgan Chase for example, has financed $17.5 billion dollars towards TC Energy, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline (making TC Energy their largest fossil fuel client).

Individuals who want to join the protests can join digitally through this link.

New eco-jobs on the way

Source: ECO Canada

Good news for environmental grads! ECO Canada just rolled out their latest wage funding program, which targets digitally skilled professionals coming out of post secondary education and are just starting out their careers in the environmental sector.

ECO Canada has been a long-time support for Canada’s environmental workforce. Since they started, they have been able to fund over 8,500 jobs to support the environmental workforce.

The program, called the Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) program, will allow for the creation of 280 job placements with environmental employers across Canada.

“Organizations in all sectors need new workers with digital skills, especially environmental employers. Cleantech, in particular, is a promising sector that will benefit tremendously from the Digital Skills for Youth program,” said Kevin Nilsen, President and CEO of ECO Canada. “For Canada to have a thriving, competitive, and innovative cleantech industry, we need digitally skilled workers to be part of the movement.”

Small to medium sized environmentally based businesses can apply for the funding, for the purpose of recruiting grads in digital marketing, data management and IT services.

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