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Environmental wins of 2019

For most of us this past year, staying on top of environmental coverage was rather grim. Our oceans are polluted, our forests are on fire and our ice ...Read More

Ten tips for green gift-giving this holiday season

The holidays are right around the corner. If you participate in gift-giving, you may be wondering how to give eco-friendly gifts that don’t break ...Read More

'Climate emergency' declared word of the year

Climate emergency has been declared 2019’s Oxford Word of the Year.  Oxford’s Word of the Year is a word or expression that through usage ...Read More

ENV Comics: Koala Commentary

Humans can be heroes. But humans also caused the mess in the first place. ...Read More

Ontario proposes action for cleaner air

Ministers for the Ontario government say they want cleaner air and less smog for Ontarians.  A new emissions testing program for the heavy ...Read More

The unrest you’ve heard of, but never known

“The whole country just exploded,” said Mimi Shaftoe, a Canadian student currently studying abroad in Chile. Mimi was a victim of tear-gassing ...Read More

In defence of Greta

At this point, my future doesn’t exist. The oceans are rising, the forests are burning, and the air is toxifying. ...Read More

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