Meatless Day!

Going meatless one day a week has numerous benefits; affecting your health, wallet and the environment positively! On Tuesday 11th February, join ...Read More


History tends to repeat itself, and this has shown to be no different for COP25. In Madrid, arguably more failures than successes came out of the ...Read More


During the month of February, Alternatives Media Inc. and its brands, A\J and ENV, deliver an interactive learning exhibit in collaboration with the ...Read More

Fuel-ish Logic

Does the new and unprecedented climate crisis demand a new and innovative solution? Are the two billion trees to be planted by 2030 as proposed by the ...Read More

The ENV recap: Dec 6, 2019

The ENV recap looks at top environmental headlines from the week. This week: The UN announced this decade as the hottest on record. Climate

Two protests, one goal

Two forms of climate protest took place in Waterloo last Friday. There was a climate strike at Waterloo Town Square, which included a rally, march

How effective is #TeamTrees?

Youtuber MrBeast recently announced that he was launching #TeamTrees, a campaign that aims to plant 20 million trees by January 2020. In doing

Can music help save the planet?

Earlier this month, ENV Media visited the Causerie in Kitchener to see the singer-songwriter duo Erso debut their new album of the same name.

In the shadow of the hurricane

In the shadow of the hurricane is a short documentary about the effects of climate change on coastal Louisiana and its Indigenous people. The

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